Since our founding in 1986, SEG Superweigh has been a dedicated manufacturer of fitness equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, steppers, rowers and coverings for commercial, light commercial & home use.

Holding over hundred patents, the ergonomics, multi-functionality, unique design / construction / appearance of our fitness products have created a sensation throughout the industry. Some breakthrough functions and features made by SEG Superweigh , such as the extended elliptical stride length, TFT touch screen display, 3-in-1 rower / recumbent / pilates , 2-in-1 elliptical / stepper , 2-in-1 seated elliptical / stepper, total body cycling, hybrid upright / recumbent, 2-in-1 cycle / stretch.

In the future, SEG Superweigh will certainly unveil more fresh and exciting product concepts to amaze international markets. CE, GS, EN957 class SA certification has been awarded to a number of models and most raw materials are RoHS compliance.

Having been awarded ISO 9001 certification, all company processes from R&D, testing, production to calibration and inspection form a fully integrated unit. SEG Superweigh products are manufactured exclusively in Taiwan and the entire steel tube process including bending, punching, pressing, robotic welding and painting is performed from start to finish at SEG manufacturing facilities.

Dedicated to offering superior products that promote healthy body / mind balance through a customer-friendly business organization, we are proud of the reputation of quality, competitive prices, on-time delivery and exceptional after-sales service.